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Aventus Law recognises that in many countries, non-UK companies actively seek out UK jurisdiction for resolution of their international commercial disputes. Many corporations find themselves involved in disputes over contractual arrangements or debt recovery in circumstances where they would prefer to use UK Courts rather than the Courts within their own country.


Many corporations from around the world prefer to determine within their contractual arrangements that any legal proceedings and dispute resolution / arbitration is dealt with in the UK rather than in their own country.

For more details on how we assist you in setting in place jurisdictional determination within your contracts and any commercial disputes which you might have, email us or call:

0113 249 9000

Most other UK law firms dealing with international dispute resolution and arbitration are based in London, charging high hourly rates for their services. Although we have a London presence, we are based in Leeds, and despite the fact that we offer high quality legal services and high standards of client care, our hourly rates are often half that of London lawyers.


In many instances we can offer a fixed fee service; with all the certainty and clarity that such funding arrangements can provide.

Why choose Aventus Law?

Our team of lawyers at Aventus Law are skilled and experienced in assisting companies’ worldwide approaching UK Courts for the pursuance of legal proceedings and dispute resolution / arbitration.


We have an excellent track record of success in achieving our client’s objectives promptly and at least cost possible.

Assisting companies worldwide to approach the UK Courts

International dispute resolution and arbitration services

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