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Aventus Law will support and advise you regarding any problems you are facing with your employer or employees. If it is necessary for a case to proceed to tribunal our experienced litigators will support you in bringing tribunal proceedings.

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 •  Redundancy

 •  Discrimination

 •  Dismissals

 •  Bullying in the workplace

 •  Disciplinary

 •  Employment tribunals

Employment services:

We can also advise you on changes to employment contracts including bonus schemes, share options and restrictive covenants.  If, in the future, you are ready to move on we can provide advice on your departure and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are satisfied with your settlement.

Employment contacts and disputes

Employment law and legal advice in the UK

We appreciate that not all cases necessarily proceed to a tribunal, in which case, we can also advise you on the most cost effective and non-contentious resolution to any troubles you may be having with your employer or employees.

Cost effective and non-contentious resolutions

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