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Our highly skilled lawyers operate across all areas in the construction sector, providing clients with practical and commercial legal advice.


We appreciate that construction disputes require an understanding of the many different laws and procedures that often apply and we recognise the time pressures that can be placed upon those involved.

If you are involved with a construction or tenancy dispute or would like some advice about any of the services we offer, call us on:

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We have experience of litigation in the Technology and Construction Court, the County Court and the High Court and we are highly experienced in all other forms of alternative dispute resolution.  


We also have experience of the various types of contract used in the construction industry and can advise you in this area.


What services do we provide?

Land, construction and property legal advice throughout the UK

Building plans

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, disputes can occur!


Before entering into a tenancy agreement it is vital to understand both your legal obligations and what you should expect from everyone involved. We can help landlords and tenants draw up new agreements or discuss existing arrangements in a calm and controlled environment.

If you are a landlord, our highly skilled lawyers will be able to advise you on your obligations to tenants, property maintenance and all aspects of rental recovery and possession proceedings.

Legal advice for landlords

If you are a tenant, you may find our help useful.  We have the skill and experience to solve many tenants' problems quickly and hassle free with no damage to the landlord/tenant relationship.

Legal advice for tenants

As long as both the landlord and the tenant continue to fulfil their commitments under the Tenancy Agreement, their association should remain harmonious. Unfortunately, difficulties can still arise and Aventus Law are here to help you.

Legal assistance with tenancy agreements

Legal advice for landlords and tenants

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