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Client Feedback

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Property/Right of Way Dispute


“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Aventus Law for successfully guiding us through an extremely complex and stressful “right of way” dispute with a difficult adversary.  Not only did John Gibson afford us his professional expertise and guidance, he stood alongside us day by day offering his encouragement and emotional support.  

We could not have reached such a satisfactory outcome to our situation without John’s tenacity and determination.  We do not hesitate in unreservedly recommending Aventus Law Limited.”


Lady E Smart & family

Land and Property Dispute


"Aventus Law in my eyes upholds the benchmark for extremely high standards of service and client care that should be displayed by other legal entities.  I was highly recommended to refer my case to Aventus Law by a very close friend and source. At this time, I was in an extremely difficult and suffocating predicament, however at my first meeting with the director of Aventus Law; Mr John Gibson I was made to feel fully at ease. Mr Gibson took conduct of my matter and began to help me make clear of the big mess that I was in.  

My case was not a simple case, it was in fact an extremely technical and complex case which required delicate and thoughtful handling. I was fully aware that I required an experienced law firm and solicitor to handle my case as if it was in the wrong hands, I could be in a much worse situation than I already was.  However, Mr Gibson of Aventus Law immediately displayed his true potential as a result of his extremely advanced skillset and extensive experience in handling my case in the way in which he did.   Mr Gibson has an extremely experienced and polished understanding of the law and applies his knowledge and experience to best protect your interests. I have worked with various solicitors and law firms in the past, however I have never received both the service and client care that I have received at Aventus Law.

Aventus Law is a fine example of how a law firm should be run and how client care should be delivered. I would highly recommend Aventus Law to all individuals who require the best representation possible with an added personal touch."  


Mr Asim Ahmad

Personal Injury


"I can't praise these lawyers enough!  Caring and strong throughout and they surpassed my expectations in respect of the outcome."  




Commercial Law


“After attempting to represent myself in what was becoming an increasingly complex case it became apparent I needed help. John Gibson at Aventus Law was recommended and he came rushing to my aid like a knight in shining armour. He had a very short time frame in which to prepare for a court appearance and spent a considerable amount of time, including at least two all-night sessions getting up to speed. This dedicated work ethic is extended throughout the whole legal team and company.

My case continues as I write and the striving for justice by Aventus Law is as strong as ever. If not stronger!  The desire for justice for their client is the over-riding factor for the Aventus team. This is a company that really cares about their clients.  I cannot recommend Aventus Law highly enough.  If anyone would like to contact me I will happily to talk to them.”



Personal Injury


“I was so pleased with the way in which Aventus handled my case, I dealt with two people, mostly John Gibson, and they were both so professional, friendly and helpful and always keen to help me and keen to guide me through the process. They were meticulous in their attention to detail and they fought so hard for me against difficult opponents, getting the best possible outcome I could ever have expected and I was delighted at the result. They were fantastic!!!”


Ms Lisa Harper

Employment Law


"I am in no doubt that was a fantastic result John. I am more grateful to you than words can say. Your services to me have been a very special gift from a 'Loving Heavenly Father'. So I thank God for you and trust God will richly bless you and yours.(Numbers 6.23). I fully believe you were the man for the job....no other could or would have achieved such a result. I knew they would have dug their heels in and tried all avoidance possible. So it is a great victory to have this result. I thank you soooo much."


Ms Jean Howell



“We all agree Aventus’s services were excellent! And Jayne is happily ensconced in her new bungalow. Thank you & well done once again.”



Comercial Law


"Thanks again John you have truely been an angel for me and a true friend, i will never forget it."